Why should I Consider a Steel Roof ?
For over 50 years, steel has garnered a flawless track record with commercial and institutional buildings. It has proven resilience and versatility with a lifespan two to three times longer than conventional roofing systems. In addition, steel roofing has shown to be extremely cost effective over its long lifecycle. Residential construction is just now beginning to realize its practical benefits and the distinctive elegance it offers.
How Much Does it Cost ?
Cost is determined by a number of variables such as size, roof shape/complexity and aesthetic factors including colour and design. To help clients understand what’s required, MRC uses satellite technology to assess the roof remotely.

It then produces a detailed report and quote, all for free! Know that investing in a steel roof cuts costs on all fronts including maintenance and energy use.

How Long do Steel Roofs Last ?
The average lifespan of a steel roof is 50 years. That’s two to three times longer than other roof systems.
How Much Maintenance is Required?
Very little. And for the duration of your roof’s lifespan, MRC offers yearly inspections from certified experts, ensuring your roof stays in perfect condition.
What Colours and Styles are Available?
A full spectrum of colours is available. Paint coatings include modified polyester, fluorocarbon (Kynar) and PVC (plastisol). As for styles, residential roofing offers a slew of options including standing seam, vertical rib and corrugated. Steel roofing can even replicate traditional roofing material such as shingles, slate, clay tiles and cedar shakes.
Do Steel Roofs Require Additional Structural Support?
Contrary to popular belief, steel roofing is very lightweight compared to other roofing materials. Depending on the system, steel roofing can be up to 50% lighter than some asphalt roofs. No additional support is needed.
Do I have to Remove the Existing Roof?
In some cases, strapping can be installed directly over the existing roof. Doing so saves time and labour while eliminating disposal costs. Not to mention, it keeps hundreds of pounds of roofing materials out of landfills. Your professional contractor can determine if this is a suitable option for your house.
Are Steel Roofs Environmentally Friendly?
Very. New roofs are developed from recycled material and old roofs can be melted down when discarded. Steel roofing helps keep hundreds of tons of material out of landfills every year.
Do Steel Roofs Attract More Lightning?

No. Lightning is no more of a concern with a steel roof than it is with any other roof.

How Do Steel Roofs Stand Up to the Elements?
During winter, steel roofs can save you from costly damages by shedding snow and preventing ice dams from forming. Come summer, they deflect the sun’s rays and save on air conditioning costs. They also keep the attic cool and dry, which deters mold. What’s more, they’re fireproof, making them a smart choice in area’s prone to wildfire.