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Metal Roof Canada is Montreal based manufacturer, distributor and installer of premium quality metal roofing products. We serve residential and commercial clients in the Montreal and Toronto areas.



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Metal Roof Canada is the leading Montreal metal roofing installation and supply company.  Established in 2012, Metal Roof Canada is dedicated to providing our clients with the best metal roof solutions that will last a lifetime. We employ reliable metal roofing manufacturing and installation experts in our factory and on our job sites. Over the years, we gained a reputation as a top-rated Metal Roof Company in Montreal and Toronto. We serve residential and commercial clients in the greater Montreal area, as well as Toronto and GTA. We provide premium European steel, manufactured and fabricated in Canada.  Choosing Metal Roof Canada, assures you of a roof that will last for generations.

Metal Roof Canada offers unique, innovative and durable re-roofing solutions. We source our high-quality galvanized steel coils from premiere European steel factories. We form and trim metal sheets in Canada for speedy distribution to local installers, and fast delivery to our clients and installation crews.

At Metal Roof Canada we install what we manufacture. Our Installation method is proven to be highly efficient and extremely economical. Our process assures zero risk factor for perforation of the roof membrane. Our standard installation includes both a strapping grid to support our metal sheets and now-stoppers at numerous strategic positions.


Our Innovative

Metal Roofing Products

Metal Roof Canada uses organic coated, chromium-free, safe and sustainable steel. The paint system used provides maximum protection and performance and a consistent appearance from any angle or position. It is also highly flexible and resilient to cracking. Our galvanized steel is manufactured in compliance with the most stringent Canadian and European quality standards and has excellent corrosion protection (RC5), scratch resistance (40N) a high level of UV resistance (RUV 4) and long lasting colour intensity. Our products offer an automatic guarantee for roofing applications up to an altitude of 2,100 meters. For a quality metal ro


Weather Resistant

Prevents Mold

Energy Efficient

Long-Term Savings

Easy Maintenance

100% Recyclable

Color Profiles


Hestia Brown

Hestia Mocha

Hestia Anthracite

Hestia Red

Hestia Terracotta

Hestia Black

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